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Canuto 1971

Canuto, V., 1971: Quantum-mechanical relation for a magnetized electron gas. Phys. Rev. A, 3, 648-650, doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.3.648.

The following theorem is proven: The xx and zz components of the electron energy-momentum tensor tμν and the magnetization M of an electron gas in a constant magnetic field B satisfy the relation tzz-txx = BM. This relation is valid at any density, temperature, and magnetic field strength, if the system is in thermal equilibrium. Since the electromagnetic energy-momentum tensor tμν is anisotropic itself, this relation makes the total energy-momentum tensor Tμν = tμν + τμν become a scalar. Because txx and tzz can simply describe the electron pressure in these directions, the above theorem states that the difference pzz-pxx equals twice the magnetic field energy, since M = 4πB.

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VL  - 3
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