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Burbidge et al. 1963

Burbidge, E.M., G.R. Burbudge, and K.H. Prendergast, 1963: The velocity field, rotation, and mass of NGC 4258. Astrophys. J., 138, 375-384, doi:10.1086/147652.

A rotation-curve based on emission-line measures has been obtained for the Sb galaxy NGC 4258. This rotation-curve has been analyzed by the same method that we have used throughout this series of papers, and the mass of the galaxy within a radius of about 7 kpc from the center is 8.2×1010 M, while the mass-to-light ratio (photographic) is ≳5.3. An estimate of the mass beyond the last point for which the velocity was measured suggests that the total mass is less than 15.8×1010 M and the corresponding M/L ratio is less than 10.2. Velocities measured in position angles about 11° from the position angle of the major axis show that there are considerable departures from circular motion and it is possible that this galaxy has the dynamical characteristics of a barred spiral rather than a normal Sb galaxy.

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