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Burbidge et al. 1963

Burbidge, E.M., G.R. Burbudge, and K.H. Prendergast, 1963: The rotation and physical conditions in the Seyfert galaxy NGC 7469. Astrophys. J., 137, 1022-1032, doi:10.1086/147580.

A spectroscopic study of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 7469 and its companion IC 5283 has been made. IC 5283 is a peculiar, irregular galaxy with spectral characteristics similar to those seen in many systems described by Vorontsov-Velyaminov. NGC 7469 has a recession velocity of +5075 km/sec and a nucleus with a maximum diameter of 460 pc (this size is limited by seeing), in which strong emission lines arise; the hydrogen lines have very broad wings, corresponding to Doppler motions of ±2500 km/sec. In addition to this, short-exposure spectra show that there is a rotating component of the gas with a diameter of about 1800 pc. Spectra of longer exposure show emission lines extending to a distance of about 3600 pc from the center. A rotation-curve out to this distance has been constructed, and analysis of this shows that the total mass interior to about 3600 pc is ∼1.1×1010 M. It is found that the escape velocity from this central region is much less than the velocities indicated by the broadening of the hydrogen lines from the nucleus. Thus it is concluded that gas is escaping from the nuclear regions. The galaxy closely resembles the Seyfert galaxy NGC 1068 in its structure. Some discussion of the criteria for classification of a Seyfert galaxy is given. The very difficult problem of the time scale to be associated with the Seyfert galaxies is briefly discussed.

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PY  - 1963
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DO  - 10.1086/147580
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