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Burbidge et al. 1964

Burbidge, E.M., G.R. Burbidge, D.J. Crampin, V.C. Rubin, and K.H. Prendergast, 1964: The rotation and mass of NGC 3521. Astrophys. J., 139, 1058-1065, doi:10.1086/147845.

NGC 3521 is an Sb galaxy with thin, much-wound spiral arms, similar to NGC 5055. The rotation curve was obtained from measures of the Hα and [N II] λ 6583 emission lines. The observations extend to about 180" along the major axis on one side of the nucleus and 120" on the other side. Measures from a spectrum taken with the slit at 45° to the major axis were also used, after projection onto the major axis. An integral equation was solved for the mass distribution; for assumed values of c/a ranging from 1/4 to 1/15, the mass within about 170" of the center is about 8×1010 M. The mass-to-light ratio from the photographic magnitude is ≥4.0. The rotation-curve, density distribution, and mass-to-light ratios are similar to those found for NGC 5055. The central density was estimated from absorption-line measures on a higher-dispersion, larger-scale spectrum obtained at Lick to be ⪞10-20 gm/cm3.

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