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Burbidge et al. 1964

Burbidge, E.M., G.R. Burbidge, D.J. Crampin, V.C. Rubin, and K.H. Prendergast, 1964: The rotation and mass of NGC 6503. Astrophys. J., 139, 539-544, doi:10.1086/147782.

NGC 6503 is a dwarf Sc galaxy, with a small redshift and an unusually low mass. The rotation-curve was obtained from measures of the Hα and [N II] λ 6583 emission lines on spectra taken at the prime focus of the 82-inch telescope with a long slit. The rotation-curve has symmetry about a point displaced from the apparent nucleus of the galaxy; the true center of mass appears to lie behind obscuring dust clouds. An integral equation was solved for the mass distribution under the assumption that the equidensity surfaces are similar spheroids; the mass interior to the point at which all the solutions first give negative density is 1.3×109 M.

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