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Brandt and McElroy 1968

Brandt, J.C. and M.B. McElroy (Eds.), 1968: The Atmospheres of Venus and Mars. Gordon and Breach.

A Symposium entitled, "The Atmospheres of Venus and Mars" was held in Tucson, Arizona from February 28 to March 2, 1967 under joint sponsorship of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and the Space Division, Kitt Peak National Observatory. An attempt was made to assemble, under one roof, scientists from a variety of disciplines and to encourage a free and fruitful exchange of ideas.

The timing of this Conference reflects recent progress in the physical exploration of our sister planets. Both Venus and Marshave been scrutinized by close-passing probes and more are planned. It seemed, therefore, a natural time to take stock and to consider the future direction of planetary physics. In some respects, the present study of the atmospheres of Venus and Mars may be compared with the study of the terrestrial atmosphere circa 1950 when rocket experiments were in their infancy. If this Volume serves as a useful progress report of the present era, the hopes of the Conference Organizing Committee will have been realized.

The Conference, and this Volume, were built around a number of invited review papers. Lower atmospheres of Venus and Mars were discussed by Drs. D. Diermendjian and H. Spinrad, respectively. The Upper Atmosphere of Mars was treated by Dr. D.M. Hunten and F.S. Johnson, and Dr. S.L. Hess reviewed dynamical processes for both planets. Dr. R.M. Goody presented a summary review of all phases of the Conference and merits our special thanks for kindly accepting this arduous assignment.

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