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Braneon and Rosenzweig 2020

Braneon, C., and C. Rosenzweig, 2020: 4.2 States and cities for climate action. In America's Zero Carbon Action Plan, Sustainable Development Solutions Network, pp. 122-161.

States and cities play an essential role in implementing and innovating decarbonization. Notably, states and cities are already innovating in regard to the Four Pillars of Decarbonization: electricity decarbonization, energy efficiency, electrification, and carbon capture. As the U.S. society undergoes significant transitions in regard to infrastructure, energy economy, jobs, land use, and policy, collaboration and coherence across scales of governance are essential. States and cities are key to the development of decarbonization infrastructure and the implementation of effective policies.

States and cities are also important agents in the mobilization of multiple actors across both the public and private sectors. They have direct contact with key stakeholders for the new energy system, as described in Chapter 2. Key stakeholders include, but are not limited to: federal, state and municipal government agencies, local communities, non- governmental organizations (NGOs), National Labs, policymakers, urban planners, public and private companies, and the scientific community.

Measures to accomplish deep decarbonization need, at a minimum, to ensure that underserved communities are not disproportionately burdened, but they also offer the opportunity to address long-standing social inequities. Equityi fosters human well-being, social capital, and sustainable social and economic development, all of which increase a city or state's capacity to respond to climate change. Policies should include equity and environmental justice as primary goals.

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