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Blanchard-Wrigglesworth et al. 2021

Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, E., A. Donohoe, L.A. Roach, A. DuVivier, and C.M. Bitz, 2021: High-frequency sea ice variability in observations and models. Geophys. Res. Lett., 48, no. 14, e2020GL092356, doi:10.1029/2020GL092356.

We characterize high-frequency variability of sea ice extent (HFVSIE) in observations and climate models. We find that HFVSIE in models is biased low with respect to observations, especially at synoptic timescales (<20 days) in the Arctic year-round and at monthly timescales (30-60 days) in Antarctica in winter. Models show large spread in HFVSIE, especially in Antarctica. This spread is partly explained by sea ice mean-state while model biases in sea level pressure (SLP) and wind variability do not appear to play a major role in HFVSIE spread. Extreme sea ice extent (SIE) changes are associated with SLP anomaly dipoles aligned with the sea ice edge and winds directed on-ice (off-ice) during SIE loss (gain) events. In observations, these events are also associated with distinct ocean wave states during the cold season, when waves are greater (smaller) and travel toward (away from) the sea ice edge during SIE loss (gain) events.

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SP  - e2020GL092356
DO  - 10.1029/2020GL092356
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