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Blake et al. 2019

Blake, R., K. Jacob, G. Yohe, R. Zimmerman, D. Manley, W. Solecki, and C. Rosenzweig, 2019: New York City Panel on Climate Change 2019 Report Chapter 8: Indicators and monitoring. Ann. New York Acad. Sci., 1439, 230-279, doi:10.1111/nyas.14014.

The Indicators and Monitoring chapter of the first New York City Panel on Climate Change Report began with the paradigm: What cannot be measured cannot be managed (Rosenzweig et al., 2010). This statement is as valid today as it was then.

The NPCC1 (2010) Indicators and Monitoring chapter addressed the need for assembling a suite of indicators to monitor climate change and adaptation in order to inform climate change decision making. It outlined criteria for selection of indicators (policy relevance, analytic soundness, measurability), defined categories of indicators (physical climate change; risk exposure, vulnerability, and impacts; adaptation; new research), and provided examples of specific indicators. The chapter explored the institutional requirements for indicator data availability, continuity, archiving, and public accessibility.

NPCC2 (2015) focused on how New York City's climate measurement, monitoring, and assessment activities may be better coordinated and enhanced to guide the city in becoming more responsive to ongoing climate change (Rosenzweig et al., 2015). It laid out a process by which a Climate Resilience Indicators and Monitoring System could be developed based on the opportunities and gaps in its existing monitoring efforts.

The combination of the climate trends presented in NPCC1 and updated in NPCC2, the documentation of existing monitoring efforts, and the laying out of an indicators and monitoring development process have helped the city to advance toward a risk-oriented process for climate-oriented indicators and monitoring.

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