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Bird et al. 2002

Bird, M.K., R. Dutta-Roy, M. Heyl, M. Allison, S.W. Asmar, W.M. Folkner, R.A. Preston, D.H. Atkinson, P. Edenhofer, D. Plettemeier, R. Wohlmuth, L. Iess, and G.L. Tyler, 2002: The Huygens Doppler Wind Experiment: Titan winds derived from probe radio frequency measurements. Space Sci. Rev., 104, 613-640, doi:10.1023/A:1023683004351.

A Doppler Wind Experiment (DWE) will be performed during the Titan atmospheric descent of the ESA Huygens Probe. The direction and strength of Titan's zonal winds will be determined with an accuracy better than 1 m/s from the start of mission at an altitude of ∼160km down to the surface. The Probe's wind-induced horizontal motion will be derived from the residual Doppler shift of its S-band radio link to the Cassini Orbiter, corrected for all known orbit and propagation effects. It is also planned to record the frequency of the Probe signal using large ground-based antennas, thereby providing an additional component of the horizontal drift. In addition to the winds, DWE will obtain valuable information on the rotation, parachute swing and atmospheric buffeting of the Huygens Probe, as well as its position and attitude after Titan touchdown. The DWE measurement strategy relies on experimenter-supplied Ultra-Stable Oscillators to generate the transmitted signal from the Probe and to extract the frequency of the received signal on the Orbiter. Initial results from the first in-flight checkout, successfully performed 8 days after the Cassini/Huygens launch, are described. Ongoing efforts to measure and model Titan's winds using various Earth-based techniques are briefly reviewed.

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