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Avishai et al. 1999

Avishai, Y., Y. Band, and D. Brown, 1999: Conductance distribution between Hall plateaus. Phys. Rev. B, 60, 8992-8998, doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.60.8992.

Mesoscopic fluctuations of two-port conductance and four-port resistance between Hall plateaus are studied within a realistic model for a two-dimensional electron gas in a perpendicular magnetic field and a smooth disordered potential. The two-port conductance distribution P(g) is concave between g=0 and g=1 and is nearly flat between g=0.2 and g=0.8. These characteristics are consistent with recent observations. The distribution is found to be sharply peaked near the end points g=0 and g=1. The distribution functions for the three independent resistances in a four-port Hall bar geometry are, on the other hand, characterized by a central peak and a relatively large width.

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