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Atwood et al. 2024

Atwood, T.B., A. Romanou, T. DeVries, P.E. Lerner, J.S. Mayorga, D. Bradley, R.B. Cabral, G.A. Schmidt, and E. Sala, 2024: Atmospheric CO2 emissions and ocean acidification from bottom-trawling. Front. Mar. Sci., 10, 1125137, doi:10.3389/fmars.2023.1125137.

Trawling the seafloor can disturb carbon that took millennia to accumulate, but the fate of that carbon and its impact on climate and ecosystems remains unknown. Using satellite-inferred fishing events and carbon cycle models, we find that 55-60% of trawling-induced aqueous CO2 is released to the atmosphere over 7-9 years. Using recent estimates of bottom trawling's impact on sedimentary carbon, we found that between 1996-2020 trawling could have released, at the global scale, up to 0.34-0.37 Pg CO2 yr-1 to the atmosphere, and locally altered water pH in some semi-enclosed and heavy trawled seas. Our results suggest that the management of bottom-trawling efforts could be an important climate solution.

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