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Arnett 1967

Arnett, W.D., 1967: Mass dependence in gravitational collapse of stellar cores. Can. J. Phys., 45, 1621-1641, doi:10.1139/p67-126.

The mass dependence of the behavior of a stellar core undergoing gravitational collapse is examined, using an improved equation of state and improved mean-free path for energy transfer by neutrinos and antineutrinos. Energy loss due to the escape of muon-type neutrinos is included. For Mcore ∼ 2M and 4M there is explosive mass ejection. A neutron-star remnant of 0.56 M is left in the 2M case, while in the 4M case the remnant mass is 2.46M. Upon cooling, the latter remnant may not be able to remain stable because of general relativistic effects. For Mcore ∼ 8M and 32M the models were too opaque to electron-type neutrinos to eject matter. In both cases they cooled by copious muon-type neutrino emission (to which they were transparent) and developed dense (ρ ≳ 1015/cc) central regions in which general relativistic effects became important. It appears that highly evolved stars with Mcore ≳ 4M may not be able to avoid the Schwarzschild singularity of general relativity.

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ID  - ar07000g
AU  - Arnett, W. D.
PY  - 1967
TI  - Mass dependence in gravitational collapse of stellar cores
JA  - Can. J. Phys.
JO  - Canadian Journal of Physics
VL  - 45
SP  - 1621
EP  - 1641
DO  - 10.1139/p67-126
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