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Arnett and Cameron 1967

Arnett, W.D., and A.G.W. Cameron, 1967: Supernova hydrodynamics and nucleosynthesis. Can. J. Phys., 45, 2953-2964, doi:10.1139/p67-243.

The evolution of matter ejected from the 2M core of a collapsing massive star is examined with regard to nucleosynthesis. This material is processed to such extreme conditions of temperature and density that a neutron-rich nucleon gas results. Upon expansion and subsequent cooling it appears that sufficient seed nuclei are formed for neutron capture on a fast time scale (r process) to proceed. Excess neutrons decay late in the expansion, but burn-back to 4He is likely. This results in production of nuclear energy late in the expansion, and can provide sufficient thermal energy to explain the observed light output of supernovae in terms of the increasing transparency of a hot expanding mass of gas.

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ID  - ar06000k
AU  - Arnett, W. D.
AU  - Cameron, A. G. W.
PY  - 1967
TI  - Supernova hydrodynamics and nucleosynthesis
JA  - Can. J. Phys.
JO  - Canadian Journal of Physics
VL  - 45
SP  - 2953
EP  - 2964
DO  - 10.1139/p67-243
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