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Arking 1961

Arking, A., 1961: Electromagnetic effects of the nucleon spin-orbit interaction. Ann. Phys., 15, 314-336, doi:10.1016/0003-4916(61)90187-7.

The nucleon spin-orbit potential is examined for its effects on electromagnetic processes of H2, H3, and He3. Since only magnetic terms are affected by velocity-dependent potentials, the magnetic dipole moment operator due to the spin-orbit potential is derived and the contributions to the N-P capture cross-section and to magnetic moments of H2, H3, and He3 are calculated. Only the T = 0 component of the spin-orbit force has any effect on these quantities. The contribution to the unpolarized capture cross section for the Signell-Marshak (SM) and Gammel-Thaler (GT) potentials is much too small to be measured and even in a polarization measurement the effect is somewhat too small to be observed. Any hope of increasing the range and depth of the spin-orbit potential to bring agreement between theory and experiment for N-P capture must be abandoned because of the enormous contribution to the magnetic moments. The contribution to the three-body moments — -0.07 nm for the SM potential and -0.06 nm for the GT potential — is too large to be reconciled with present experimental knowledge of the magnetic moments and theoretical knowledge of the three-body wave function and meson and relativistic effects.

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AU  - Arking, A.
PY  - 1961
TI  - Electromagnetic effects of the nucleon spin-orbit interaction
JA  - Ann. Phys.
VL  - 15
SP  - 314
EP  - 336
DO  - 10.1016/0003-4916(61)90187-7
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