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Arnett 1966

Arnett, W.D., 1966: Physical Processes and Supernova Dynamics. Ph.D. thesis. Yale University.

A detailed history of the evolution of supernova models has been calculated. Neutrino enrgy transfer in the dense central regions if considered in the diffusion approximation, with opacities corrected for electron degeneracy. The calculational technique involved numerical solution of coupled difference equations for diffusive energy transfer and hydrodynamic flow; these techniques are discussed. The condensed core presupernova model of Chiu and the less-condensed model of Folwer and Hoyle have been evolved through collapse and subsequent mass ejection, and comparison imdicates that interior dynamics does not depend sensitiviely upon the initial structure of the models. These calculations also suggest that a careful treatment of muon-type neutrino processes is needed. Diffusive energy transfer by electron-type neutrinos in an imploding supernova tends to increase the amount of energy available to eject matter. Ths is because energy loss during the early stages of the implosion causes the core to fall in to higher density, and thus allows more gravitational energy to be released than would be the case if neutrino effects were neglected.

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AU  - Arnett, W. D.
PY  - 1966
BT  - Physical Processes and Supernova Dynamics
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