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Allison and Travis 1986

Allison, M. and L.D. Travis (Eds.), 1986: The Jovian Atmospheres. NASA CP-2441. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

This volume provides a printed record of the proceedings of the Conference on the Jovian Atmospheres which was convened at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies on May 6-8, 1985. It includes the abstracts of all conference presentations, the complete text of selected reviews and contributed papers, and a transcript of open discussion. Separate sections are specifically devoted to studies of the thermal and otho-para hydrogen structure, clouds and chemistry, global dynamics, and synoptic features and processes in the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn. Additional sections are devoted to pre-Voyager studies of Uranus and Neptune and a discussion of future spaceflight opportunities. A review of the major problems and interpretive conflicts arising in the study of giant planet atmospheres is given by Andrew P. Ingersoll.

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