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Alvarez et al. 1986

Alvarez, H., L. Bronfman, R. Cohen, G. Garay, J. Graham, and P. Thaddeus, 1986: Sandqvist 187 - A dense molecular cloud in Norma. Astrophys. J., 300, 756-765, doi:10.1086/163851.

We present and discuss observations of Sandqvist 187, an elongated dust cloud in the southern constellation Norma. The cloud contains two Herbig-Haro objects, HH 56 and HH 57. HH 57 currently displays on its NE edge a 17th mag variable star of the FU Ori type. Using the Columbia University 1.2 m millimeter-wave telescope at Cerro Tololo, we have mapped the region and found an extended CO cloud which envelops and is elongated along the optical dust cloud. The position of maximum CO emission coincides with HH 56 and HH 57. Assuming a distance of 0.7 kpc, the total mass of the cloud is found to be close to 500 M. The CO spectra show evidence of a molecular flow. Photographs and CCD images obtained mostly with the CTIO 4 m telescope show the detailed optical structure of the dark cloud's core region. The Herbig-Haro object HH 56 appears to be related to an emission-line star embedded in the small nebula Reipurth 13, not to the FU Ori star in HH 57.

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