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Allison 1985

Allison, M., 1985: Theories for the general circulation of Saturn's atmosphere. In The Atmospheres of Saturn and Titan, ESA SP-241. E. Rolfe and B. Battrick, Eds., European Space Agency, pp. 43-52.

The observed circulation of Saturn's cloud-top winds poses a formidable problem for theoretical understanding. According to one class of theories the multiple jet streams are confined to a shallow geostrophic wind layer supported by horizontal gradients in temperature and composition. According to an alternate view the jets extend all the way through the molecular fluid envelope on convectively driven cylinders of motion concentric with the planetary spin axis. Both types of theories require as a starting point some assumption about hte buoyancy contrast and eddy fluxes at levels thus far inaccessible to observation. The questions confronted by current theories suggest several important reconnaissance objectives for the proposed Cassini mission to Saturn.

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