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Tegen and Fung 1995

Tegen, I., and I. Fung, 1995: Contribution to the atmospheric mineral aerosol load from land surface modification. J. Geophys. Res., 100, 18707-18726, doi:10.1029/95JD02051.

An estimation of the contribution of mineral dust from disturbed soils (i.e., soils that are affected by human activity) to the total mineral aerosol load is presented. The estimation was carried out by comparing results from a transport model using disturbed and undisturbed soils as separate dust source types with observed features from the AVHRR optical thickness retrievals. The model results indicate that observed features like the seasonal shift of maximum optical thickness caused by Saharan dust over the Atlantic Ocean are best reproduced if a contribution of 30-50% of dust from disturbed sources is assumed. %C8 355

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