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Stolov and Cameron 1964

Stolov, H.L., and A.G.W. Cameron, 1964: Variations of geomagnetic activity with lunar phase. J. Geophys. Res., 69, 4975-4982, doi:10.1029/JZ069i023p04975.

An analysis of 31 years of Kp data suggests a variation of geomagnetic disturbance with lunar phase. A general increase in geomagnetic activity of about 4% begins after full moon and lasts for seven days. A general decrease in geomagnetic activity of about 4% is found for the seven days preceding full moon. A study of randomized data indicates that the probability that these variations should have occurred by chance is less than 5%. The effect is found to be associated with the Kp data derived from periods of geomagnetic quiet conditions; it is not evident in the data from disturbed periods.

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