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Matthews 1984

Matthews, E., 1984: Prescription of Land-Surface Boundary Conditions in GISS GCM II: A Simple Method Based on High-Resolution Vegetation Data Bases. NASA TM-86096. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

A simple method was developed for improved prescription of seasonal surface characteristics and parameterization of land-surface processes in climate models. This method, developed for the Goddard Institute for Space Studies General Circulation Model II (GISS GCM II), maintains the spatial variability of fine-resolution land-cover data while restricting to 8 the number of vegetation types handled in the model. This was achieved by: redefining the large number of vegetation classes in the 1°×1° resolution Matthews (1983) vegetation data base as percentages of 8 simple types; deriving roughness length, field capacity, masking depth and seasonal, spectral reflectivity for the 8 types; and aggregating these surface features from the 1°×1° resolution to coarser model resolutions, e.g., 8° latitude x 10° longitude or 4° latitude×5° longitude. Abridged results of the method were presented by Hansen et al. (1983). In this report we present the complete method.

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