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Jackman et al. 1989

Jackman, C.H., R.K. Seals, Jr., and M.J. Prather (Eds.), 1989: Two-Dimensional Intercomparison of Stratospheric Models. NASA CP-3042. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The Two-Dimensional Intercomparison of Stratospheric Models Workshop, sponsored by the NASA Upper Atmosphere Theory and Data Analysis Program, was held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on September 11-16, 1988. The purpose of the international workshop was to intercompare stratospheric models. Approximately 35 scientists representing seven nations from university and government laboratories were invited to participate in the workshop. This report presents the results of sixteen different modeling groups for several model experiments. Some analyses of the similarities and differences of the various models' results are also included in this report.

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