Publication Abstracts

Hudson et al. 1971

Hudson, K.I., H.-Y. Chiu, S.P. Maran, F.E. Stuart, and P.R. Vokac, 1971: Automated and conventional photometry of the short-period variable star 14 Aurigae. Astrophys. J., 165, 573-580, doi:10.1086/150922.

Amplitude of the V-light curve of the δ Scuti star 14 Aurigae varied from 0.02 to 0.08 mag on six nights. The changes in amplitude accompanied comparable changes in maximum brightness, wheras changes in minimum brightness were much smaller. The light period is 0.08748 d, and the spectroscopic-binary period is 3.788506 d. Small variations in color indices, associated with the light variation, resemble those of other δ Scuti stars. The use of an automated telescope was effective in obtaining large number of routine observations.