Publication Abstracts

Green 1993

Green, S., 1993: Collisional excitation of CO by H2O: An astrophysicist's guide to obtaining rate constants from coherent anti-Stokes Raman line shape data. Astrophys. J., 412, 436-440, doi:10.1086/172933.

Rate constants for excitation of CO by collisions with H2O are needed to understand recent observations of comet spectra. These collision rates are closely related to spectral line shape parameters, especially those for Raman Q-branch spectra. Because such spectra have become quite important for thermometry applications, much effort has been invested in understanding this process. Although it is not generally possible to extract state-to-state rate constants directly from the data as there are too many unknowns, if the matrix of state-to-state rates can be expressed in terms of a rate-law model which depends only on rotational qunatum numbers plus a few parameters, the parameters can be determined from the data; this has been done with some success for many systems, especially those relevant to combustion processes. Although such an analysis has not yet been done for CO-H2O, this system is expected to behave similarly to N2-H2O which has been well studied; modifications of parameters for the latter system are suggested which should provide a reasonable description of rate constants for the former.